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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What are eminently credulant musings?

I've started a blog so that I have a way to share with you all my thoughts and views on things that I care about, but before you invest too much time you should know that I tend to make things up.  Sometimes it's because I know something to be true and I just don't have the real facts handy.  Other times it's because at heart, I love fictions and fantasies more than reality, and sometimes it's just because what I really want to be true is more important than what, sadly, is actual.  Don't worry, though.  I always make sure that people know that I've strayed from the banal confines of the shared delusion and I'll make sure that I let you know, too.

What a minute.  Is credulant even a word?   What does cuphineous mean?  I've never heard either word before.  I made them up.  They're not real -- yet.

Credulant (adj): Something that is not fully credible because it is unsourced but it sounds true so it is accepted without argument.

Cuphineous (adj): An idea or a concern that is peripheral to the real problem but is dressed up in fancy clothes and trotted out for discussion instead of the real issue in order to preserve the feelings, work, or ideology of the participants.

Eminently Credulant Musings is where you will find my eminently credulant musings, along with some real ideas, on:

Los Angeles
and the Art of Bullshitting

Many of my musings will be of the eminently credulent variety and but nothing can be solved just by discussing the credulant cuphineous, so there will also be talk, with truth and facts, about the real problems, too.  Please, feel free to engage -- I am just as thrilled to believe your own credulant musings as I am my own.