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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"I'm The One" by Cody Moree

This is a poem that circulated a while ago. I've been thinking about it recently because it relates to another issue I'm going to be writing about and thought I'd reshare it.


Have you ever stopped and asked yourself
Just what you're working for?
Some might say fame and some say fortune,
But I hope there is something more.
You see, I'm the one you see at school,
And I'm not like the other kids.
I don't always say the right things
Even though I wish I did.
I am the one that's always late-
The one who can't stand still in line.
And I know it's me you're talking about
When you say you're losing your mind.
I can't help you win awards
Or become staff member of the year.
I can't help you do anything,
At least that's what I hear.
You see, I'll never make straight "A"s,
A "C" is about the best I can do.
But I might turn my life around
If someone were proud of me too.

If you work in the principal's office,
You see me almost every day.
Yeah, I'm the one always in trouble
And always in the way.
I'm not real pretty, I'm not real smart;
I don't fit in with the crowd.
I'm a little too angry, a little too slow,
And sometimes a little too loud.

I know you all get tired of me,
And you wish I would go away.
And you know that doesn't shock me now,
Because that's what my parents say.
So even though I have nothing to offer,
I need to ask you something now.
Would you please come back to school tomorrow
And put up with me somehow?
'Cause if you don't, no one will;
You may be my last shot.
And I know it's way too much to ask,
But I need someone to give me all they've got.

I'll tell you right now I won't remember
The things that are in the book.
But I promise I will never forget
The extra effort that you took.
If you'll just love me in spite of myself,
I might just make it through.
And I know there are others who can do so much more,
But all I have is you.

So if someone ever asks you why you work so hard,
Why you do all that you've done.
If you ever have a reason to be in education,
Look at me, I'M THE ONE.

By Cody Moree

1 comment:

  1. I consider myself an unemotional guy, but I'm fighting back tears because I'm aware of this phenomenon. I was never a bad kid, but I knew kids who needed a little extra help, help they often didn't get. Thanks to all the great teachers out there, the ones we never hear about.

    P.S. To all the English teachers, please excuse any grammatical errors in this post. :)