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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tablets not Textbooks? What do you think?

So, as this article shows us, it's already beginning to happen. Textbooks are being replaced with tablet computers. I'm still on the fence about this personally, so I'm curious what you all think. Good idea? Bad idea? Strengths? Limitations? Pitfalls? Potential?

Comment and coverse so I can figure out my own mind.


  1. Luddite that I am I think it is appalling. One more way for kids to avoid learning about human contact and communication, about using their brains and investigative skills to actually learn and apply information rather than just spouting it. One more way to convince students that teachers are irrelevant and not nearly so entertaining as a flashy, beeping, musical video. I could go on and on, but won't.

  2. I'm a huge fan of tablets and ereaders for reading fiction or non-fiction or whatever floats your boat for your personal enjoyment. I don't think they've yet achieved a place where they are good study tool. If you're just going to read a book on them, awesome. If you're studying, researching and cross referencing, nothing beats a table full of open books and notepad (or laptop, I guess). I think the software for usage hasn't caught up to the idea of research.

  3. I’m all for tablets-for a different reason than some are. These “credulent musings” are the best example. Often when students read a classic or opinion pieces with some outside reference, (ex. Kitty Genovese; John Galt), unless they’re incredibly familiar with culture, current events… these references get lost in the non-interactive pages of a book. The student loses the ability to easily read and comprehend the same material that another who doesn’t work outside of school, has parents that invest additional time, money, etc. into their education is able to grasp easily. I want it to be clear that it’s a matter of familiarity with the material, not of intellectual capacity.