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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Interesting Article on Standardized Testing

I haven't commented much on standardized testing, but I will be doing so soon. Here's an interesting article that relates the experience of a (possibly) NYC school board member who took the 10th grade required exams.

He failed them, and his take on the process and its implications are worth sharing.

More later!

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  1. OK, as someone who tested as having an IQ of 98 in sixth grade I can only say I absolutely agree that standardized testing is useless unless the system spends a lot of time coaching students on how to take those tests - time that would be better spent actually learning something important. The worst part is that, all evidence to the contrary, from 6th through 10th grade all my teachers (and my parents) accepted that I wasn't very bright. Not easy on the development of self esteem. After coaching in high school (because they did that in college prep courses in those days of "tracking") I aced my SATs, and broke out of the "low expectations" mold.